Sea of Pain Fine Art Productions the business registered in September 2006 by artist Brett A. Jones. It's main purpose was always to support the creation of and give an online presence to Brett's original fine art but it is also a platform for his fine art prints, writing, poetry, playing card design, motorcycle art, and any other creative compulsion in any other medium that may occur as time goes along.

  has been created using exactly the same instincts and parameters as all his other works of art. It was done from absolute scratch rather than on an existing template imposed by an outside source so it could be a true reflection of the original creative foundation and belief system that drives the artist in all other facets of his practice. There is no advertising, sponsorship, or outside influence of any kind on any aspect of this site, it exists purely as an online interface between the Sea of Pain Fine Art Production studio/workshop and the rest of the world.
           It has been specifically designed to allow ease of navigation and clear information for anyone interested in exploring all that Sea of Pain Fine Art Productions has to offer. You can be assured that when you are on this site you really are supporting a fully independent, highly committed old school freehand fine artist whose only agenda is to making available his own original creative offerings. If you do decide to purchase an item from this site you can be fully assured of Sea of Pain Fine Art Productions 100% blue ribbon reputation for customer satisfaction, ease of communication, and friendly service.

           What you are NOT dealing with here in any way, shape, or form, is a swindle, scam, dodgy money making scheme, multi-national corporation, a satellite or associate of one, a business beholden in any way to one, or a business that caters to or defers to any particular culture, group, politics, philosophy, religion, cause, marketing strategy, or even the rest of the art world specifically or generally. Being on this site or communicating for any reason with either Brett the artist or Sharyn the studio manager  will NOT mean your email address or phone number has been added to some annoying advertising campaign, scammers list, or junk mail roundabout.

            Sea of Pain Fine Art Productions is proudly one dimensional in it's purity of purpose. That is to create world class original freehand fine art or anything else that takes root in the mind for no other or better reason than it can be with only thought and purpose turned toward it.