Upcoming Workshop Dates

        Cost is $100 for one student or $150 for two per 3-hour session and includes all equipment and materials, time is between 10:00am and 1:00pm but I can be very flexible with private sessions and will accomodate whatever times and dates best suits the student/s whenever possible.  Sessions are by prior appointment. 

         Brett has been teaching his self-taught style of freehand drawing with proven results for over ten years. He has won many awards for his own original hyper-realistic freehand works in graphite which are known throughout Australia for their extremely high  level of proportional precision, lifelike textures and fine detail. 
          He wrote the "Pencils Down with Brett A. Jones" main feature articles for Artists Back to Basics magazine, the "From the Drawing Board" advice column for Creative Artist magazine, and is the writer and editor of Drawing with Brett A. Jones magazine. 
          His popular and highly regarded teaching methods have helped many people gain a better understanding of freehand drawing in general and his own self-taught tricks and techniques in particular, with some ex-students acheiving truly stunning standards of their own. 


                                Sundays, 22nd April- 27th May, 2018 (six 3-hour classes) $180
10:00am- 1:00pm- Gallery 5, 5 Sandy St. Urangan, Hervey Bay.

Saturday/Sunday, 21st and 22nd July, 2018 (two 6-hour classes) $150
10:00am- 4:00pm Glenwood Community Hall, Glenwood (north of Gympie).
contact Diane McCormick at cormick44@optusnet.com.au to book a spot

   Sundays, 23rd September- 28th October, 2018 (six 3-hour classes) $180
10:00am- 1:00pm- Gallery 5, 5 Sandy St. Urangan, Hervey Bay.

     Mondays, 24th September- 29th October, 2018 (six 3-hour classes) $180
    10:00am- 1:00pm- Blue Shades motel conference room, 35 Ferry St. Maryborough.

             All necessary equipment and materials are supplied and kept by the students after the course is over to continue drawing at home, during (between classes), and even after the workshop is over students are free to contact Brett for further help and guidance. The course teaches all skills associated with drawing freehand from the oft-overlooked most fundamental basics right up to the very advanced subtleties of graphite technique and freehand drawing tricks and methods.
           This course has proven to be a great help to everyone from raw novices to long established artists. The practical methods and techniques are clearly explained and the atmosphere is friendly and supportive. These six week freehand drawing workshops will definitely help your arts practice no matter what your medium or subject matter.


Brett A. Jones Freehand Drawing Workshops
To see examples of some of Brett's ex-students work please click here
         His regularly held and long running six-week workshops are run locally three times a year in both Hervey Bay (Sundays) and Maryborough (Mondays), always starting in mid January, May, and September.

            He is also available for either two or three full-day workshops in other areas, as well as private tuition in his own studio space in Hervey Bay.  For further details and booking enquiries please either scroll down or contact Brett direct on (07)41 287682 or 0401 543327 or email the studio at art@seaofpain.com for a no-obligation chat. 
Six-Week Courses
Just some of the subjects covered include:
              The ability to confidently begin and develop a freehand drawing thorugh its various stages, correct handling, preparation, and use of equipment and materials, the three different ways of drawing, subject selection and composition specifically for drawing in graphite, drawing what you see and how to do that in a practical way with useable and understandable methods, the five stages of linework, toning and detailing using hatching and crosshatching, working with and overcoming optical illusions, the difference between sketching and drawing and why both are so important for the best overall result, drawing light effects, the importance of practising with drawing exercises that will improve your skills quickly, the art of suggestion (how to draw things like hair and feathers so it looks real), how to draw realistic fine detail, fudging and squirling, and so much more it's just not practical to write it all here.

The cost of the six consecutive 3-hour classes (10:00am- 1:00pm) held over a six week period is $180, there are only ever 10-12 places at the most in each workshop and seats fill fast. If you want to book a spot or enquire about further details, please ring Brett on  (07) 41 287682 or (0401) 543327 or e-mail the studio at art@seaofpain.com
Two or Three Day Courses
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for all current and upcoming workshop dates please click here
      Brett is also available to conduct two or three full-day (10:00am- 4:00pm) courses within a 200 kilometer radius of his local patch of Maryborough and Hervey Bay.  All equipment and materials are supplied and included as part of the course fee.  Cost of a two-full day workshop is $150 per student, for a three full-day workshop it's $200 per student.  8 students minimum, 12 students maximum. At least a month's notice is required.  Government grants (e.g. RADF) for such things are available and professional development certificates can be supplied if required.
    Past workshops have been held in places like Brisbane, Gympie, Glenwood and the Mary Valley.
For enquires please contact the studio on (07) 41 287682 or 0401 543327 or email at art@seaofpain.com
Private Lessons
image by Vi Woodward
image by Vi Woodward
image by Vi Woodward
         Private sessions have been available at the Sea of Pain Fine Art Production studio in Craignish, Hervey Bay for the past few years and have attracted students not only from the Wide Bay areas and further afield, but also flying in from interstate and overseas.  The big advantage of personal tuition is the fact that the student gets 100% of my attention and controls the exact direction and specific subject or technique they are most wanting to understand, as well as being able to ask as many questions as they like as the session progresses.
Freehand drawing in graphite is generally the main focus but pastel lessons can also be arranged by request.
For further details and enquires
(07) 41 287682
0401 543327

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"I've been drawing for over 60 years but I learnt more about freehand drawing in your first three hour class than I did in the rest of my life put together",
                         Bill Byrne (six-week workshop student- 2 workshops)

"Many thanks for your inspiration",
                                       Donna Window (six-week workshop student- 3 workshops)

"Thanks Brett, you opened a new world for me",
                                                Johanna Arnold-Stevens (six-week workshop student- 2 workshops)

"What a wonderful experience to learn from someone who thinks outside the square",
                                                                                         Robyn Edwards (six-week workshop student- 2 workshops)

       "Always a pleasure to come along, learn, and draw. You brighten up my Saturdays",
                                                                                                Kelli Williams (six-week workshop student- 4 workshops)

      "Thanks Brett! You've helped me improve my art and opened my eyes to all the little things I never saw as relevant. Thank you!",
                                                                                                   Kira Breischke (six-week workshop student- 2 workshops)

        "Thanks Brett. you're a breath of fresh air- you've given me confidence to express myself my way",
                                                                                                Sue Walsh (six-week workshop student)

         "Thanks heaps Brett, good to learn from someone who thinks the same way I do. Makes learning so much easier",
                                                                                            Catherine Lavender (six-week workshop student)

          "Great course Brett.  I came to the course to learn how you draw accurately.  I've learnt so much more.  Your magic pencil techniques and hatching/crosshatching techniques are superb.  I'm looking forward to practising these great techniques to improve my drawing skills  Thank you for such an indepth and informative course",
                                                                                        Gavan Berger (six-week workshop student)

          "Thank you for your enthusiasm.  Your passion for freehand drawing was contagious.  You generously shared your techniques and methods and I have learned a lot about improving my skills during your workshop.  I left with the knowledgs and information to keep practising and improving into the future",
                                                         D'Arne Greenway (six-week workshop)

           "In 2012, I had the privilege of doing a six-weeks group course of freehand drawing with Brett A. Jones.  In 2018 I follwed up with a one-on-one lesson with Brett, needing help to complete my original project, started 6 years earlier.  I found Brett just as accomodating, one-on-one, as he was with the group.  Brett's approach is down to earth, always making you feel at ease and comfortable.  His teaching skills are up there.  They are very effective, easily absorbing his knowledge, and understanding.  Brett's approach to his student's artwork, and attempts, was always met with great positivity, which in turn, gives you, the student, the confidence to keep striving to improve and hone your skills.  Every question was effectively explained until 'the penny dropped'.  I was able to leave feeling confident I had 'good ammo' and sound advice and knowledge, to tackle my next stage of the learning process in the art of graphite freehand drawing.  I can only thank Brett for huis patience and kind words of encouragement.  I will not hesitate to contact Brett again for further lessons in the future.  I wish all who take pencil to paper, or any other medium, to enjoy the journey within".
A Journey Within
The ticking of the hallway clock, has quietened now, I hear it not.
I'm now seated, sketch board in front.  Graphite pencils, are never blunt.

I sketch, I draw, I hatch, I shade.  Journey within, this I have made.
'til the project's complete, signed and done. I, graphite, and page become one.

The journey, the patience, it gives you a lift.  Whether sell, frame, or as a gift.
Or if chosen, to keep as your own.  Can't wait for another, to get in "that zone".
                                                                                                      Jenny Dupont  (six-week workshop and private student)

       "I met Brett at the Gympie Gold Rush Exhibition at the buffet after he just won the first prize in the Portrait section. Back then I could not see any way how my 'great' painting could be improved!  After some of his online tutorials and great drawing classes I can see a big difference now!  The most important sentence he ever said to me was: "paint what you see! Do not try to clean it up if your goal is to paint lifelike, and hair does not come in single hairs it is always a bundle of hair".  I would like to thank him for being my mentor and my friend who has always supported me. I came so much further than I ever thought it would be possible! I just thought I would be a painting housewife but with his trust in me he pushed me a little bit over my borders, I won the title in the Woodland Gallery for best Artist of the month for December and got a 9 page article in a magazine, which would never have been possible without him! I still canít believe it!"
                                 Susanne Schmidlins (3-day workshop, private student, online mentoring)

  "I met Brett A. Jones when I started attending art and drawing-tutoring he hosted weekly out of Sea of Pain Fine Art Productions, his home and personal studio. I had been drawing from a young age intensely and was enthusiastic, but my work lacked classical skill and attention.  After a few lessons, Brett offered to let me stay at Sea of Pain regularly so I could closely observe his technique, and learn about choosing art as a Lifeís Pursuit. Doing so was the one of the most educational and eye-opening experiences of my young life.  Since moving to Brisbane to pursue art professionally in 2011, Brettís lessons and technique have proven infinitely expandable and adaptable, across a wide variety of applications both in Australia and abroad, most recently in becoming a licensed Tattoo Artist. To say that Brett A. Jones is a passionate artist, is something only someone who has never heard him speak about art can honestly be satisfied with. Brettís lifetime of experience and polymathic, almost obsessive, creative skill, combined with his clarity and fondness for sharing it makes him a brilliant teacher,
                                       Jacob Ditchmen (long time student and protege)

The Shed Bed
The tumescent vein the drives your heart, to be weeded at the root.
To create the drive and fuel needed for your next utmost pursuit.

There is no room for delicate things here, only the unbending need to create,
and despite your attempt to control the burn the scar will begin to shape.

To warp and render my psyche useless, to those living without
the knowledge of their own purpose, but you, you have no doubt.

The Gods have had their say, and although it may tear you apart,
take it tone by tone, shape by shape, for this is only the start.
                                                               Gemma Hall (private student, online mentoring)


To read feedback from ex-students please click here